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JAS was founded and created by Zoraida Santana. Born in in an impoverished Dominican Republic, Zoraida had big aspirations for her future. She began her journey by going to beauty school and went on to become a top educator in the island for Clairol and was also a salon owner. Her career brought her to the United States where she saw that there was a need for products to be able to fit the need of latin and ethnic hair that was coarse and had texture. After months of research and looking for the right solution, she took matters into her own hands and became a cosmetic formulator to make her own line of products. Staying true to her Dominican heritage, each ingredient in every prouduct has been carefully chosen to bring out the natural beauty of the hair, or to be able to achieve the desired smoothness that Dominican products are known for. 

Jas has continued to grow in the beauty industry and has branched out to private label services, as well as filling and packaging. Here at JAS Beauty Systems, we are dedicated to evolving with the latest technology and trends to ensure that our customers get the best products possible to fit their every day needs. We are a small family owned business and pride ourselves in formulating the best products available and to do everything we can to give outstanding customer service. 

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